Why Am I Here?

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We have all wondered at some time in our lives, just why we were born.  Some are blessed to know early on what their mission on earth is - the child prodigies who can sing or play an instrument or who are in college by age 16. 

Even women in ministry positions often feel misplaced.  We see a need and know we can fill the position so we jump in, whether it is our forte or not.  Toiling in a work outside of our called ministry is exhausting.  Taking time to reflect, refresh, refine and refocus is necessary.

The masses of us who feel we have no obvious talents to be used for Christ are often left standing with our hands out in stupefied wonder, asking God just exactly WHAT we are supposed to do for Him. 

Personally, I cannot sing well.  (I always feel sorry for the person in front of me when we sing in church.)  I cannot play an instrument, unless you consider jangling my keys music, and even that is only good once a year when we sing “Jingle Bells”.  I have no apparent artistic talents; my stick men look like they have arthritis.  No, by all outward appearances, I’m good for absolutely nothing.  Oh, what a common lie from Satan and so many of us fall for it.

When I was a little girl, I used to ask my mother what she could do.  She would look at me with hurt eyes and say, “Well, I can type real fast.”  I would quickly inform her that that certainly was not a talent.  Now when I ask myself the same question, after several pensive minutes, I tell myself, “Well, I can type real fast!”  Ouch; I’m so sorry, Mom! 

For months after our youngest child left for college, I felt as if my purpose on earth was over.  I thought I was here only to raise our two kids, and then they were gone.  Suddenly I felt as if I was just taking up precious earth space and wasting oxygen.  Oh, how miserable I felt! 

While I held positions in church, I wasn’t satisfied.  I felt misplaced so I wasn’t effectively reflecting God’s glory in any part of my life.

I began to pray for God to reveal His perfect will to me and show me His plan for my life.  No, He didn’t do it the way I wanted Him to.  He didn’t look into His “magic mirror” like the Romper Room Lady on that children’s television program of yesterday, and speak my name.  (Do you remember her EVER saying “Kelly”?  She didn’t.)  However, each day God gives me a tiny glimpse of what He wants me to do in my community and the world as I open my heart to His leading.  It’s exciting to imagine what might be next!

Each person has talent whether it is showy and glamorous or not.  There are a few people who are excellent listeners.  There are a few more who are blessed with the gift of hospitality.  Some are encouragers and others are generous givers.  Then there are the blessed silent prayer warriors, spending countless hours on their knees interceding before the Lord on behalf of many, including those of us who are doing our own private “Star Search” to find where we fit in the Kingdom of God.  (Thank you Prayer Warriors.)

It is true that each of us has a special gift to be used by God for His glory.  If yours is not apparent to you, ask a close friend what she sees as your strengths.  Avoid being so impressed by someone else’s gifts that you try to emulate them.  God has prepared each one of us to serve Him in our own special way. 

God tells us through Peter in 1 Peter 4:10 (NLT), “God has given gifts to each of you from his great variety of spiritual gifts.  Manage them well so that God’s generosity can flow through you.” 

Hummmm.  Maybe it’s not so much WHAT the gift is, as what we DO with it.   

As you seek God’s face, ask Him for an unquenchable desire to read the Word and pray.  Pray for His guidance in your life.   Pray for wisdom and discernment.  Ask God to reveal His will for you on this earth.  Ask Him to show you your gifts.  Yes, it’s a gift to you, but it’s also a gift for you to give to others.  Be open for Him to reflect His glory through you.  

Miraculously, as you listen intently for His quiet voice, you will see His direction for you and you will have opportunities to minister to others – hence your gift!!

(By the way – I’m typing this real fast!)      

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