I am on the blogging team at Mentoring Moments for Christian Women. Please visit often for articles relavant to your life today.

Below are some of my published articles.

Parting Was Such Sweet Sorrow; How I Said "Good-bye" To Sugar
CBN.com; BattalionofDeborah.org; SAWorship.com; CharismaMag.com; 700ClubEurope.com; CBNLA.com (Latin America) and more

Unqualified Counselor (A variant of Help God, I'm Not a Counselor!)
WTonline.ag.org (Women's Touch), WomensMinistriesUnlimited.ag.org

Imagine My Horror!
Sasee Magazine

Battle In My Mouth
SAWorship.com & Streaming Faith News

It's Raining!
War Cry Magazine

Volunteer Appreciation Month

Confessions of a Christian Idolater
Come to the Fire Magazine

Life Without Mother
The Christian Journal Newspaper

A Father's Day Memory
Good News Journal Christian Newspaper
Mentoring Moments for Christian Women e-zine

When Flighty is Grounding

Stand By Your Man
Just Between Us Magazine

Dyslexia (photograph)

The Dream
Fate Magazine

Protecting Our Children (Formerly titled But When It Comes To Our Children. . .)
War Cry Magazine

Why Am I Here?
inSpirit Magazine

Fight Back Against Abuse (Formally titled Jesus Loves Women)
Mentoring Moments for Christian Women e-zine, and more

The Most Beautiful Ugly Christmas Ornament

Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

The Power of Prayer and Shoe
Cross & Quill Magazine

Short and Sweet
Mentoring Moments for Christian Women e-zine

What Dom Did With His Dash
VISTA Magazine

50th Anniversary Poem - I Look At You
(Originally written for my in-law's 60th wedding anniversary.)

Why Testify?
War Cry Magazine

Winning Nomination Lee Goodnight for Sexy Hair's Caring is Sexy – Stylist Competition
(Prize - Trip to Los Angeles, CA for Make-Over by Sexy Hair Design Team)

Demand a Cake of Peace
CBN.com and Mentoring Moments for Christian Women e-zine
Just Between Us

Taking a Time-out
Christian Communicator

Family Devotion: God Takes Our Guilt If We Ask Him
Focus on the Family's ThrivingFamily.com

My Healing Balm

A Cut Above
Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Magazine


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