50th Anniversary Poem - I Look At You
(Originally written for my in-law's 60th wedding anniversary.)


When I want to know what “commitment” looks like
I look at the two of you.
When I want to see strength,
I look at you.
What does obedience, compromise and diplomacy look like?
Again, I look at you.
The pains, the struggles, the joys and rewards
of raising children have molded you into a couple
after which we can pattern our parenting.
When others get angry with God and disappointed in men they flee. Running here and there they search for their religious ideal.
Not so with you.
Your commitment as a couple reflects God’s love
not only to one another but to Him.
Surely you’ve been hurt through the past years.
Surely you’ve been disappointed and disillusioned.
Still you stand firm and hold onto the God you know is yours.
When people do not understand God’s ways
they often show anger and stay away from God entirely.
Not so with you.
Your faith will not be shaken!
Again, when I want to see commitment, I look at you.
Today, 50 years after you became husband and wife,
you are surrounded by the beginning of your lineage.
Features change.
Coloring changes.
What never fades is our appreciation of your example of love, commitment, steadfastness and strength.
We are forever guided by your legacy of Christ’s love.
50 years ago you united as husband and wife
perhaps for such a time as this.
Now today, when our world is a little scarier,
a lot harsher and seemingly slipping further away from God,
we continue to see you two and the marriage you have built-
built on your incredible faith in God . . .
your awesome faith in each other . . .
and we thank you.

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