Winning Nomination Lee Goodnight for Sexy Hair’s Caring is Sexy – Stylist Competition

From a first career serving his country as an officer in the US Navy, to a second career as hair stylist and colorist certified by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, Lee Goodnight could be sitting back enjoying life with his family, but that’s not his style. He embraces the belief that much is expected of those to whom much has been given.

Lee never stops learning about his trade as he devours every book, magazine article and video published on the subject. He attends numerous beauty shows across the country.

Lee is using his skills to benefit adults and children alike. He organizes Kutting for Kids, a city-wide annual event that benefits Locks of Love. He has personally collected over 9,000 inches of hair and helped raise more than $30,000 for LOL. Additionally, he is a workshop facilitator and trainer for Look Good…Feel Better, and offers free pre and post chemo haircuts and free wig shaping. Through his efforts, Lee helps bring joy into the lives of cancer patients.

An avid fisherman, Lee has invented a pink fishing lure which he sells, donating the profits to the M-Line, which funds mammograms for those who cannot afford them.

A passion ignited when his children were small, Lee continues to volunteer for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Currently, he is certified by the American Canoe Association to teach paddling and is a merit badge counselor. He also teaches the adult instructors. Recently while conducting a kayaking training, Lee and his students came upon an unconscious man in a kayak. The young man was in anaphylactic shock and his craft was taking on water. They kept his head out of the water and Lee ensured he had a clear airway and a pulse. Help was summoned and they helped dewater his craft and bring him in.  

Lee Goodnight, owner of Hair by Lee and Friends, is the quintessential model for “pay it forward”, using his hard-earned knowledge and life experience to help his fellowman/woman.  

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