Stand By Your Man; Practical Advice That Would Make Even Tammy Wynette Proud

Sometimes “standing by your man” can be unbelievably difficult. Even Tammy Wynette knew it back in 1968  However, as her famous lyrics state, you can indeed “show the world you love him . . . keep giving all the love you can . . . stand by your man.”

Whether a man is the pastor of a church, a board member, the principal of a school, a Sunday school teacher, a bank president, or even the owner of a small business in the community, he has an invisible bulls-eye on his back. 

Here Kelly looks at how our reactions to difficulties can support or weaken our husbands and their leadership, and how we can be free of the baggage that can hinder our own jobs and ministries.

Several leaders’ wives completed a questionnaire for the meat of this workshop, which is appropriate for both Christian and secular audiences. Kelly compiled the best of the responses, offering practical advice and hope for women in their role as helpful partner.

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