It's Time To Drop Your Pants

When Christian women are married to unsaved men, they must move into the role of spiritual head of the household. It becomes their responsibility to raise the children in the ways of the Lord. Carrying out this duty, they “wear the pants” in the home, in a manner of speaking.

What happens when her prayers are answered, as in Acts 16:31 and her beloved gives his heart to the Lord? Does she joyfully jump out of the driver’s seat and give him the wheel? Does she jeopardize all she’s accomplished spiritually in their children and blindly allow a newbie to take over? Are strong, trusted women supposed to just drop the pants and hand them over to men who are brand new in the faith?

Here Kelly cites helpful scripture verses that will aid women in relinquishing this momentous responsibility. She encourages them and offers practical advice on how to take the risk, step down, and finally drop those pants!

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